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Therapy is customized to your child's needs. Speech-language therapy goals are based on the results of a comprehensive speech and language evaluation. 

Learn to Read
Kids in Preschool

Language Therapy

Language therapy targets language production or comprehension in one or more of the following modalities - reading, writing, speaking or listening. Does your child struggle to express their ideas, wants or needs? Does he or she have difficulty understanding what they hear or read? Language therapy aims to remediate the root of your child's language weaknesses and provides techniques and strategies to compensate for deficits. 


Articulation & Phonology Treatment 

Articulation treatment focuses on the motor production of speech sounds and teaches your child to produce specific sounds correctly. Therapy moves through a hierarchical progression beginning with sounds in isolation and ending with conversation and generalization. Some children with speech sound disorders may benefit from treatment that focuses on the linguistic aspects of speech production. This type of treatment helps children who have difficulty organizing the patterns of sounds within the brain. 


Reading Instruction

Reading instruction provides children with the foundational skills they need to be fluent and confident readers. Instruction utilizes the Orton-Gillingham reading methodology. Therapy is multisensory, explicit, and systematic. Instruction will explicitly teach children the sound-symbol relationship while targeting weaknesses in phonological and phonemic awareness. 

Let's Work Together

Chelsea has the passion, knowledge and determination to make a difference in your child's life. Initial consultation is free. Call today for more information!

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